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ho chi minh city flower shop

Saigon Flower Shop

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Street sellers survey colorful blooms outside their flower shop in the Vietnamese capital.

angkor wat buddhist temple

Buddhist Temple

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Three monks in conversation at the entrance of an Angkor Wat Buddhist temple near Siem Reap.

It’s extraordinary how these monuments have survived so well for several centuries under the encroachment of the jungle. Restoration to certain badly damaged parts of the complex continues to this day.


angkor wat temple images

Looking towards Buddha

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Two little Cambodian children stare into history as they gaze at a Buddha statue in an adjacent complex.

With very warm daily temperatures in this part of the world, many children will play inside among the temple structures to remain cool.


little cambodian girls

Bracelets for Sale

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

These two little Cambodian girls are selling their homemade bracelets to visitors in and around Angkor Wat. Poverty is rife in this part of the world, but generally, the Cambodian children are extremely demure and unlike the street-wise kids of most other Asian countries.

You can help these children and transform their lives by sponsoring a child through the Cambodian Children’s Fund.


cambodian apsara dancers

Cambodian Apsara Dancers

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Within the great Angkor Wat temple complex, these Cambodian Apsara dancers display their art for visitors. Over a million people a year visit Siem Reap and the surrounding area to see these extraordinary monuments that have been resurrected from the jungle.

Apsaras are beautiful, supernatural female beings according to Indian mythology. They are youthful and elegant and are excellent in the art of dancing.

angkor wat temple images

Lighting the Incense

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Inside the great Angkor Wat temple complex beneath one of the many Buddha shrines, a woman prepares a fire to light incense sticks for those wanting to worship.

The experience of peace and serenity surrounding this wonderful place are enjoyed by over a million people per year. It is thought that a cap on visitor numbers may be introduced in the coming years.


tuk tuk pics

Monks in Tuk Tuk

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

This image came about whilst visiting the temples at Angkor Wat when a tuk tuk* with Buddist monks inside drove past me at speed. I was only able to get a glance of the action as I swung around with my camera, thus the motion blurry effect. I felt the picture conveyed exactly what I saw and experienced – a flash of wonderful orange!


*tuk tuk – In Cambodia, two different types of vehicles are called tuk-tuks, one has four wheels and is composed of a motorcycle (which leans), the other a trailer (which doesn’t).

angkor wat monks

Angkor Wat Monks

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Buddist monks waiting to watch the sun set over the Angkor Wat temple complex from a high vantage point. Along with hundreds of visitors daily who climb to this elevated temple these monks have joined the throng having spent most of the day moving around between the other temples.

They can be seen in another image riding in a tuk tuk at speed!